Dogs with congestive heart failure live 75% longer when co-managed by a board-certified veterinary cardiologist and their primary care veterinarian.

A board-certified veterinary cardiologist has 4 more years of training in heart disease for pets. These vets are specialists just like human doctors, becoming experts in one specific area of disease. They are the partner you need to work with you and your primary care veterinarian to provide advanced care for your pet. When it comes to keeping your pet healthy, there are more ways than ever to get the best care.

Not surprisingly, one of those veterinary specialties is in the field of cardiology. A board-certified veterinary cardiologist is a specialist with advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases of the heart and circulatory system, including:

Why Choosing a Board-Certified Vet Can Help Your Pet Live Longer

Whether you’ve been referred to a cardiac specialist by your veterinarian or are seeking answers to your pet’s condition on your own, it’s essential to evaluate any specialist carefully before committing to care for your pet. One of the criteria to consider is whether the specialist is board-certified.

Here are just a few reasons that choosing a board-certified veterinary cardiologist can help your pet live longer, experience a better quality of life, and provide you with peace of mind.

Commitment & Dedication to Their Specialty

Veterinarians complete an additional 4 years of extensive training to become board certified veterinary cardiologists. They have gone the extra mile to demonstrate their passion and commitment to their specific field, as well as to the welfare of the pets they serve. To become board-certified, these vets pass two difficult exams in both general internal medicine and veterinary cardiology. Completing this rigorous program also demonstrates advanced knowledge and experience that is necessary for a correct diagnosis and proper treatment.

Focused, Specialized Knowledge

Board-certified veterinary cardiologists work with patients with heart conditions every single day, so they are more likely to narrow down a general condition into a more specific diagnosis far more quickly. This enables your pet to start treatment sooner and recover more rapidly. In fact, patients with congestive heart failure live 75% longer when co-managed by a board-certified veterinary cardiologist and their primary care veterinarian.

Advanced Equipment, Facilities & Support Staff

Board-certified cardiologists use state-of-the-art equipment to immediately diagnose the specifics of your dog or cat’s condition. They explain the specifics of the diagnosis and treatment plan at the time of your appointment and are present to answer any questions you may have—during and after the appointment. You also go home with a complete report of your pet’s heart condition as well as prescriptions for any medication needed to treat your pet. Additionally, board-certified veterinary cardiologists employ technicians trained in understanding the unique needs of veterinary cardiac patients. Veterinary cardiologists and their team members are committed to serving the needs of veterinary cardiac patients and their families.

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As a pet owner, you want to do everything possible to keep your dog or cat safe and healthy. But when problems arise, it’s comforting to know you and your pet are in good hands. Choosing a board-certified veterinary cardiologist—like those at CVCA—is a great way to ensure your pet gets the right care when they need it most.

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