CVCA is the leading choice for veterinary cardiology.

Our team of board certified cardiologists sees more pets with heart disease than any other practice worldwide. Our expertise and top of the line echocardiography equipment ensures accurate diagnosis and the best outcome for your pet.


Pet Owners

With early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, your pet can live a longer, healthier life with you and your family!


Veterinarians/ Technicians

We see over 19,000 patients per year, more than any other board certified veterinary cardiology practice worldwide.


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CVCA has several locations in Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky. Find out about our board certified cardiologists near you.

What Our Clients Say

"'Merlin' had his first visit this morning to evaluate his heart murmur. All looks good just one of those nasty aging things! 'Merlin' is the third cat of ours who has been to CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets. 'Dixie' has been a patient for 11 years and has defied all odds with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in Cats (HCM) since birth. 'Camile' was a patient for two years. Thanks to all who have helped us with our kitty cardiac care!"

"Merlin," "Dixie" and "Camile"

testemonials cat


  • Doctor Training and Experience: Board certified veterinary cardiologists
  • Expertise ensures accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment plans- a longer, healthier life for your pet
  • Largest Veterinary Cardiology practice, caring for over 19,000 patients per year
  • Partnership for Optimal Outcome and Care
  • Collaboration with Primary Care Veterinarian
  • Exceptional, Compassionate Service- over 99% of our families would recommend us
  • Flexibility in Payment
  • Philips Epiq 5C echocardiography machines, the latest technology and software for accuracy in measurements and images.
  • Availability for same day urgent patients