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CVCA is the leading choice for
veterinary cardiology.

Our team of board-certified veterinary cardiologists treats more patients with heart disease than any other practice worldwide. Our expertise and top-of-the-line echocardiography equipment ensure an accurate diagnosis and the best outcome for your pet.


Appointment Scheduling

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Make An Appointment

For pet owners, scheduling an appointment with CVCA is easy.

  • Click on the link below.
  • Complete the form to tell us about your pet.
  • Our staff will call you to set up an appointment with CVCA.
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Refer A Patient

For primary care veterinarians, refer a patient with the online form. 

  • Complete the brief referral form.
  • CVCA will contact the patient owner to set up an appointment.
  • We will send a detailed cardiology report to you as part of your primary patient care. 

Entrust your pet's care to a board-certified cardiologist!

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With early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, your pet can live a longer, healthier life with you and your family!

We also offer flexible payment plans, including:

  • 6-Month Deferred Interest with CareCredit
  • Interest-Free Payment Plans
  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Checks
  • Cash

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We see over 31,000 patients per year, more than any other board-certified veterinary cardiology practice worldwide.

Our veterinary cardiologists are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency and primary care veterinarians.



Find a board-certified cardiologist near you at one of our 25 locations.

We have multiple locations in these states to help get your pet the care it needs.


why choose a certified veterinary cardiologist?

A board-certified veterinary cardiologist has 4 more years of training in heart disease for pets. These vets are specialists just like human doctors, becoming experts in one specific area of disease. They are the partner you need to work with you and your primary care veterinarian to provide advanced care for your pet. When it comes to keeping your pet healthy, there are more ways than ever to get the best care.

CVCA is Expanding

New Locations in the US

We are growing to provide veterinary cardiac care to more patients across the US.

CVCA in Massachusetts

CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets in Waltham, MA

Mark your calendars because our newest location in Waltham, Massachusetts begins accepting appointments in October! 


TeleCardiology by CVCA in Dallas, Texas

CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets is now offering a new service: cardiac diagnostic services through a hybrid telemed platform.

Why Trust CVCA for Veterinary Cardiology?

Doctor Training and Experience: Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologists
Our expertise ensures accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment plans—a longer, healthier life for your pet
We’re the largest veterinary cardiology practice, caring for over 24,000 patients per year
Building partnerships for optimal outcome and care
Collaboration with your primary care veterinarian
Exceptional, compassionate service—over 99% of our families would recommend us
Flexibility in payments
We use the latest technology and software for accuracy in measurements and images (Philips Pediatric Echocardiography Units)
Availability for same-day urgent patients
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