Initial Consultation Appointment & Benefits

Initial Consultation Includes Multiple Services for One Price

Complete evaluation early, accurate diagnosis keep the pets out of the ER and is overall less expensive and less stressful for owners with a better prognosis for pets

Clients remain present during evaluation owners stay so they know what is happening with their pets heart, we do not encourage drop off or sitting in the waiting room

Includes noninvasive echocardiogram by a Board Certified Cardiologist clients are present during this to see what is happening with their pet’s heart

Unlimited follow up communication includes primary care veterinarian and clients

Clients and primary care veterinarian can reach us 24/7 on call, to manage the case

Clients receive at least 1 hour of our time-during the appointment to ensure accurate diagnosis, complete communication and an optimal treatment plan for the family

Benefits to Using CVCA

  • Saving Money–keeping the clients out of the ER with early accurate diagnosis is less expensive overall
  • Hesitant About Funds?–potential clients can contact CVCA and we will talk through payment options
  • Expertise in Complicated Cases–primary care veterinarian and clients have access to board-certified cardiologists and residents that round cases
  • No telemedicine
  • After Evaluation–CVCA directs clients back to the primary care veterinarian for all follow ups and send them reminders to return to you for follow up exams, labwork, etc.