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You have done the work to train in the field. Now it's time to find your "Best Life" as a veterinary cardiologist.

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CVCA Leads the way
in Veterinary Cardiac Care

CVCA leads the way in veterinary cardiac care. We have assembled a high-performing team of cardiologists, cardiology residents, veterinary technicians, and business support team members to build the largest and most progressive veterinary cardiology practice in the country.

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Live your best life


What makes CVCA unique?

  • Our dedication to our employees and their quality of life.

  • Our passion to deliver outstanding care to every pet patient.

  • Our commitment to diversity of opinion and giving every employee space to be heard.

  • Our focus on advancing the medicine of veterinary cardiology.

Join the leading veterinary cardiology practice

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CVCA offers a competitive, 3-year
Residency Program in the Veterinary Cardiology specialty.

Residency program

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Diplomate Veterinary Cardiologists can find
their dream position at CVCA.

cardiologist careers

Our Culture starts with our people

CVCA's employee culture starts with our employees. We deliver the best culture in the industry by focusing first on our people.

We firmly believe that when we take exceptional care of our employees, our employees take exceptional care of our patients.

This people-centric approach is the foundation to our success as a leading employer in the veterinary industry. Our teams are happier, stay with us longer, and grow as experts in their roles. This allows our dynamic, expert team of professionals to focus on what they do best.


everyone is heard

At CVCA, we listen to every employee's voice. Regardless of role, everyone has a valued perspective and contribution to make. We foster open, transparent communication, and we encourage all employees to share ideas and feedback to make CVCA everything it is and can be.

 Professional growth & development

Professional development and growth is in the CVCA DNA. Everyone at CVCA has the opportunity and encouragement to take advantage of continuing education, including accredited programs that CVCA develops.


fun place to work

While we take our role in veterinary cardiology very seriously, CVCA is still a fun place to work. Our teams work together and become more than colleagues. They get to know each other and have fun together as a "work family"! We regularly celebrate collective and individual "wins" and make a great sense of humor a big part of our culture.

Your best life: work-life balance

  • 20200611_121834
    4-day work weeks
  • 20200611_121834
    No weekends
  • 20200611_121834
    Minimize doctor On Call obligations (for doctors)
  • 20200611_121834
    Cover your messages while on vacation (not waiting for you when you return!)
  • 20200611_121834
    Flexible scheduling (esp with advanced notice and for emergencies)

What makes CVCA even better than a great place to work? It's our full support to have the time and space to enjoy your full life when you are not working.

We know that everyone needs time to recharge, have quality-time with family and friends, and pursue their individual interests. CVCA helps to make that balance easy by opening more personal time for you and respecting this time as your own.

Industry-Leading compensation & benefits

CVCA offers the best compensation and benefits to our entire team. We recognize that great talent deserves great rewards. We also know that our employees should get the very best in a benefit package for themselves and their families.

Specifics about our benefits may vary and can be shared directly with qualified candidates. Nonetheless, CVCA offers a rich set of benefits to support CVCA employees and their families, including:

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Your Health - covered

  • 20200611_121834
    Health Insurance
  • 20200611_121834
    Dental Insurance
  • 20200611_121834
    Vision Insurance
  • 20200611_121834
    Critical Illness Insurance
  • 20200611_121834
    Mental Health Counseling
  • 20200611_121834
    Long & Short-term Disability Insurance
  • 20200611_121834
    Hospital Indemnity Insurance
  • 20200611_121834
    Teledoc - FREE doctor access 24/7

Your Family - covered

Programs offered to support you in matters.

  • 20200611_121834
    DVM Maternity Leave
  • 20200611_121834
    Caring for Elderly Family
  • 20200611_121834
    Returning to Work After a Baby
  • 20200611_121834
    Grieving for a Lost Loved One
  • 20200611_121834
    Moving to a New Community
  • 20200611_121834
    Buying or Selling a Home
  • 20200611_121834
    Job Relocation
  • 20200611_121834
    Military Family Matters
  • 20200611_121834

Your Finances - covered

Financial protection programs you can bank on.

  • 20200611_121834
    Tax Issues
  • 20200611_121834
    Industry-Leading PTO Program
  • 20200611_121834
    Legal Counseling
  • 20200611_121834
    Budgeting and Financial Guidance
  • 20200611_121834
    Retirement Planning
  • 20200611_121834
    Professional Liability Coverage
  • 20200611_121834
    Identify Theft Recovery
  • 20200611_121834
    Relocation Allowance Available
  • 20200611_121834
    Will and Testament Planning
  • 20200611_121834
    Teammate Assistance Program
  • 20200611_121834
    Discounted Veterinary Care
  • 20200611_121834
    Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

CVCA is growing

CVCA is the veterinary cardiology leader in the US. In 1987, we started as a single location in a strip mall; today we are in 16 locations nationwide and on a rapid growth trajectory to add many more locations.

We have set the industry standard for high-quality veterinary cardiac care. As demand for these services grows, CVCA is growing to serve more areas of the country. We currently have 16 open locations. We will open 4 more locations in 2022, with many other locations actively planned to open in quick succession.

We are actively looking for veterinary professionals to fill our roles across our current locations and also for our upcoming locations.

Talk to Katie Brooks, CEO: 703-283-3650

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