P R.
5 star rating
6/24/2021 - Yelp

I appreciate the compassionate care that was given to our family dog. Helping her feel comfortable and giving her the best care possible is important to us. We also appreciate the thorough explanation of her condition(s) and the multiple treatment options/paths offered.

Birgit L.
5 star rating
6/23/2021 - Yelp

Outstanding experience! This was the fastest, friendliest, most efficient experience I have had in a long time. I appreciated the doc coming out and
explaining everything to us.
My Aussie (who can be standoffish) was happy and content - showing me how well she felt she was being treated . My only comment is that I hope that you review your COVID procedures for fully vaccinated clients soon! Thank you for everything!

Lisa W.
5 star rating
6/23/2021 - Yelp

I appreciate how kind everyone is there. I appreciate the doctors in talking to me in a way I can understand versus medical terms that I would not understand or retain to look it up later. The doctor calling me and giving me a thorough explanation of what is going on with my dog's heart helped me tremendously.

Haley Q.
5 star rating
6/23/2021 - Yelp

We had a great experience here! It was hard to hear that our cat had heart disease, but the doctor took the time to explain exactly what was happening and exactly how each medication could help. We left feeling very empowered that we had all the knowledge & tools we needed to give our cat the best live possible. Would definitely recommend them to other pet parents!

Michelle B.
5 star rating
6/22/2021 - Yelp

I feel hopeful our little kitty will live a long happy life. Got us in fast when our regular vet heard a heart murmur.

Kelly H.
5 star rating
6/21/2021 - Yelp

They are wonderful, very organized, and provide great care to my cat. They know that having a pet in their care can be a sensitive subject for most pet owners and respect the gravity of every aspect of the treatments. Never had a bad experience.

Nancy H.
5 star rating
6/21/2021 - Yelp

I love my dog's cardiologist, nurses, techs, everyone is wonderful. I really appreciate the excellent care my pet receives and the information provided by the cardiologist.

Jill V.
5 star rating
6/20/2021 - Yelp

We have been using CVCA for six years for our dog. They are great! Always very professional, only, and wonderful communication throughout. I would definitely recommend using them.

Nan W.
5 star rating
6/19/2021 - Yelp

Our Bull Terrier just turned six years old. He is happy, active and pain free...all due to the outstanding medical intervention by CVCA!

Carol Higgs
6/15/2021 - Facebook

The quality of care is excellent.

Puller L.
5 star rating
6/15/2021 - Yelp

Nobody likes to hear their pet (or family member) needs specialist care. As it turned out, one of our cats needed a cardiologist. I searched for a cardiac specialist I have visited with previous pets and found him at CVCA. I was shocked at the amount of time before I could get an appointment, but the staff was not only friendly, but extremely helpful in trying to find me the earliest appointment. They also explained the current process for bringing a pet in, what the exam would entail and all charges, so there would be no surprises. As the appointment was on a work day, I was understandably worried I would be spending half a day at the clinic, but that was not the case at all! They stuck to the schedule. The clinic staff were friendly and concerned for my pet. Dr. Cain came out after the exam to explain his findings and answer questions. He promised a written report that day and it was in my mail box before the day was over. So in spite of the circumstances, it was a pleasant and non-stressful experience. Well organized and kudos to the staff and specialist for their caring and professionalism.

Anna Riston
6/14/2021 - Facebook

Thanks for being nice to Bowser and giving me some peace about his diagnosis! Thorough email with follow-up info was very helpful to processing the big news.

Kathleen Russell Hoos
6/08/2021 - Facebook

Thank you for your care of Thumper today. The staff is always so kind and caring. I appreciate the fact that Dr Tyrrell took the time to explain everything so carefully. You all inspire confidence and trust.

Deb Szymanik Heade
6/08/2021 - Facebook

Princess is my fourth beagle needing cardiology services. I trust CVCA completely and wouldn't go elsewhere. The kindness, care and compassion is greatly appreciated.

Lisa Kennedy-Mangum
6/07/2021 - Facebook

Absolutely impressed! They are organized, efficient, and extremely upbeat/ positive people to work with. I was pleasantly surprised when the cardiologist herself, brought my pet to me to discuss what she saw and her interpretation of the situation. I was never rushed or felt as if I was wasting her time asking questions. Totally recommend!!!!

Jamie H.
5 star rating
6/07/2021 - Yelp

CVCA were very responsive and notified me immediately that an appointment was cancelled so I could get my baby in quicker to see the cardiologist. The doctor came out and told me the problem (thankfully his heart was okay) and emailed me and my vet his report. They are super professional and compassionate.

Heather Lynne
6/04/2021 - Facebook

I pray that no one needs their services for your pet but if you do or know someone that does, they are the best! CVCAVETS is an amazing cardiac team! Our sweet Raven girl has been having some troubles and they have taken the best care of her. They email and call to check on her weekly. ❤️‍🩹 Dr.Sinh and her staff are kind and thorough and understanding!

Dwight Heyer
6/02/2021 - Facebook

I was so happy the emergency vet gave me CVCA's name. I filled out the on-line appointment form after hours and they contacted me the next day after the holiday. They found a cancellation and I was able to bring Cookie in the next morning. You couldn't ask for a more caring, compassionate, professional staff to care for you pet.

E K.
5 star rating
5/28/2021 - Yelp

The staff was wonderful; they were gentle, caring, & friendly. Brittany & Danielle are always so sweet and gentle when handling my little guy.

I also really appreciate how they all take the time to explain everything so I will know what to expect & address all my concerns/ questions.

The doctors I've interacted with - Dr. Holdt & Dr. Lefbom - also are kind & friendly and make sure to answer any questions I have. They take their time to go over the clinical summaries with you. Both are very thorough and thoughtful.

Stosha S.
5 star rating
5/28/2021 - Yelp

Happy to have such a great place to take my cat. The customer service is excellent and I feel like there is a genuine interest in his wellbeing. The thing I like best is the thorough communication that helps me understand what is going on with my pet. I only wish my own doctors communicated as well!!

Marlene B.
5 star rating
5/26/2021 - Yelp

SIMPLY THE BEST Sassy is always treated with the utmost care. Staff are knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. Dr. Meier takes her time and explains everything thoroughly and patiently.

Dominique T.
5 star rating
5/22/2021 - Yelp

The staff was professional and friendly. I appreciate them answering all my questions.

Nancy T.
5 star rating
5/19/2021 - Yelp

I took my 14 year old Jack Russell for a hear diagnosis. Although the outcome wasn't what I wanted to hear, Dr. Meire explained his diagnosis thoroughly and went over all costs involved with possible further diagnositc testing so that I could take time to determine what was best for my pet.

J H.
5 star rating
5/19/2021 - Yelp

It is very trying to have an ill pet but I have greater confidence that she is being treated well because of the staff at CVCA. I appreciate the thorough, clear and compassionate communication about my pet's condition and treatment.

Lynn P.
5 star rating
5/14/2021 - Yelp

Pleased with the service and Dr. Tyrel was professional, personable and thorough with explanations. Everyone was friendly and efficient. The appointment was right on time. The amount of time the appointment would take was accurate. Dr. Tyrel was friendly with a sense of humor. He was very thorough in explaining Little Bear's heart condition. He was also very caring. He came highly recommended by our vet, Dr. Myers and I can see why. We feel Little Bear is receiving excellent care.

Deborah K.
5 star rating
5/13/2021 - Yelp

Very helpful, I feel like they care about my dog and will do what they can to help her. They explained everything well.

Kym R.
5 star rating
5/13/2021 - Yelp

They take great care of my dog and are very caring! De Jacobs is very thorough and has gotten my dogs heart condition to a manageable place where he is now enjoying life again!!! Would definitely recommend them if you are in need of Cardiac Care for you pet.

Cristina Moody
5/12/2021 - Facebook

Excellent. Thank you for all that you do. The care and attention to detail of my cat's comfort and health is above and beyond.

Betty Green
5/11/2021 - Facebook

Our sweet girl was scheduled for surgery in a few days - Doctor found a heart murmur -Needed testing before surgery - CVCA went out of their way to fit her in in two days so we could still keep the surgery scheduled date. She was a very frightened little girl but they were great with her.

Melani M.
5 star rating
5/10/2021 - Yelp

SO expensive. But excellent care! Dr. Cain came out to my car in the rain to explain my cat's condition in full to me.

Melanie I.
5 star rating
5/09/2021 - Yelp

I am so glad you ate all there. It means a lot when your animal has a problem that a little more than a regular veterinarian can take care of. You guys are great Professionalism, honesty and truly caring for the animals

Susan Hare Brown
5/08/2021 - Facebook

We are very happy with the care from CVCA! Dr. Jacob was very helpful, especially since we could not actually meet in person due to Covid. The thoroughness and follow up emails with treatment plan were exceptional.

David Di Carlo
5/06/2021 - Facebook

Their concern and professionalism.

Lisa C.
5 star rating
5/06/2021 - Yelp

I have always had a good experience with CVCA. The doctors and staff are very caring. Dr. Peckens spent a lot of time on the phone with me going over his findings and patiently re-explaining things and answering all of my questions. I appreciated that a lot. CVCA also has friendly and caring staff who communicate well and make me feel like my cat is their top priority.

Dr W.
5 star rating
5/06/2021 - Yelp

The vets, vet techs and staff are very professional. They are easily reachable by phone and email. They explain things well and their treatments make sense. I feel like my concerns are heard and they have my dog's best interest at heart.
Follow up recommendations are also easy to understand.

Lynne Doner Lotenberg
5/04/2021 - Facebook

Always a very efficient, warm experience. In addition to feeling like Allie was in caring hands, I appreciated the thorough conversation with and advice from Dr. Holdt.

Cindy Doles
5/04/2021 - Facebook

It was a great first experience. The vet was honest and open about Desi's prognosis and understood that we need to be able to give Desi his meds efficiently as possible to lessen his stress.

Lynne L.
5 star rating
5/04/2021 - Yelp

If your dog needs a cardiologist, this is the place to go. I've never been inside as both our visits have been during covid. The staff who have come out to get our dog have been great with her, they run on time, and they're quick. Dr. Holdt is always very thorough in the debriefing, so I come away understanding exactly what's up with my dog's heart. They also do a great job of communicating with our primary vet -- wish human care was so well coordinated!

Samantha Short
4/28/2021 - Facebook

Caring staff, very informative, exceeded expectations , loved the caring nature of the staff. Felt very comfortable dropping off my kiddo even with his deafness.

Em Tipple
4/28/2021 - Facebook

I was very tentative about having a vet staff and vet whom I didn't get to meet see Buddy.

But given his demeanor after his appointment, I can tell he was in great hands. While drop off appointments are obviously not ideal, the staff has made it work and were able to communicate everything effectively to me over the phone.

Buddy is a pretty anxious cat and has not done well with drop off only appointments. After he was brought out following his appointment, he was as relaxed as I've ever seen him under the circumstances, so I feel confident he was treated in a manner that made him and his comfort a priority.

Michael Malinoski
4/28/2021 - Facebook

The customer service is spot on with making the owner and patient feel comfortable.

Mary Nugent
4/27/2021 - Facebook

Thank you so much for taking great care of my kitty during a really stressful time! Shelley and Dr. Meier took the time to explain everything so well before, during and after our visit. My cat was relaxed in your excellent care and my anxieties (which were most definitely more than my cat's) were put at ease too.

Tara Beard Duval
4/27/2021 - Facebook

Thank you! We had a wonderful experience with CVCA and highly recommend your office! You made Chichi feel comforted after she was a little shaky in the car. We loved that the staff "got" Chichi's friendly chatter because she loves to "talk" and get responses from her people.

Milton Rivera
4/21/2021 - Facebook

I recently took my senior cat, who was diagnosed with a pretty serious heart condition. Because of Covid protocol, we were not with him during the check up. I have to say that the office calls my house every other day to check on his well being and see how the treatment is working. we also gotten two calls from the doctor, as follow ups. I never seen this type of care from a veterinarian especially for a cat. I am really happy.

Rhonda Dundorf
4/20/2021 - Facebook

I was very impressed by how smoothly the curbside process went & the friendliness of the staff. They made me feel like my dog was their most important patient and I felt very comfortable leaving him in their hands. I would definitely recommend!

Cathy Payne
4/16/2021 - Facebook

My precious dog had a good experience there and I trust them. Dr. Cain came out and talk about what he found. Gave treatment options and he just really cares about our fur babies. The whole staff was very kind especially Ashley who collected My dog for her appointment. I appreciate people who truly care about my dog.

Katie Ann
4/14/2021 - Facebook

Dr. Boorstin was wonderful and extremely thorough. Mocha loved her visit today! Thank you 🙂

Toshka Knight Nelson
4/12/2021 - Facebook

We RAVE about CVCA to everyone. You're lifesavers... literally. Thank you for your patience, compassion, education, dependability and responsiveness. We can always count on calming callbacks and consistency of service.

Aimee Jaye Owens
4/12/2021 - Facebook

The kindness and care the entire staff showed for our sweet Harlow (Chihuahua) will always be appreciated and remembered.

Toshka N.
5 star rating
4/12/2021 - Yelp

We RAVE about CVCA to everyone. You're lifesavers... literally. Thank you for your patience, compassion, education, dependability and responsiveness. We can always count on calming callbacks and consistency of service.

S S.
5 star rating
4/12/2021 - Yelp

CVCA has cared for my beloved old man, Buster, for several years now after initially being diagnosed with mitral valve disease. Dr Cober and his team are kind, knowledgeable and responsive. No one wants their dog to require these specialized services, but everyone of the staff has been patient and thorough with the many questions and concerns I have as my dog gets older and his cardiac disease progresses. Even in COVID times, my voicemails and emails are responded to same day and thorough answers are provided.

Lindsey H.
5 star rating
4/12/2021 - Yelp

I had one of the best experiences with a vet that I've had in a long time. The timeliness, the staff, the clarity of the results and process were all amazing. The bedside manner of the staff and the Dr - everyone was SO sweet and really explained the process/results to me. I know they spoiled Emmi while she was getting her exam/scan done as well. You can tell that they really adore animals and are sympathetic to the fur parents!

Evelyn Tontrup
4/11/2021 - Facebook

Everyone truly cares about your pet and their family. This compassion is so appreciated. Thank you for taking excellent care of several of our fur children. ???

Marian Dippolito
4/09/2021 - Facebook

The diagnostic was costly. It may be the norm, but without pet insurance and being retired it's something we have to balance especially since a yearly exam was recommended.
Aside from the above, Staff responded well to my questions and the ability to reach them was excellent.

Gabriel H.
5 star rating
4/09/2021 - Yelp

First time experience with your group and I'm very impressed by the efficiency of the office and the compassion of Dr. Shih and her willingness to go in-depth on my pet's cardiac studies and results. The time Dr. Shih took to explain what was going on in with my pet and the depth she went into her analysis and findings

Brittany LaRue
4/08/2021 - Facebook

Overall highly satisfied with my experience and would definitely recommend. The Best part of my experience was the clear communication (what was going to happen, prices, time estimates, results)

Jackie A.
5 star rating
4/08/2021 - Yelp

Had a positive and reassuring experience! From the first initial call, the curbside assistance, to the Doctor explaining everything I felt very calm and positive with our experience. It definitely put our minds at ease.

Jane Campbell-Chambliss
4/07/2021 - Facebook

They are very professional, caring and helps us to better understand the needs of our pets. Thanks you so much!

Jill Nangle Comeaux
4/07/2021 - Facebook

Everyone was very friendly. The appointment went very smoothly. The doctor came out to speak to me rather than just talking on phone. Didn't feel rushed and he seemed to genuinely care about my dog.

Kevin McIntyre
4/06/2021 - Facebook

Thank you for taking good care of our cat. He doesn't care, but we really appreciate it. Dr. Shih was extremely professional, patient, and nice. Everything was explained to me in English, as opposed to medical jargon.