Mury Laible
3/06/2021 - Facebook

The staff was very courteous and professional. The staff member came out for our dog quickly, told us how much time they would have our dog. After the tests Dr Michael Hickey called, explained the test results in detail and answered our questions completely. We highly recommend this vet office!

Trisha Fink
3/05/2021 - Facebook

I feel that my cat is in very good care here. Everyone seems very caring. They go the extra mile.

Jillian Clark Gibson
3/04/2021 - Facebook

Everyone at CVCA was so caring with my very young kitty and with me. Seeing a vet these days is challenging because we can’t go in with our pets but CVCA made it as easy as possible under the circumstances.

Lisa Laich Castellano
3/04/2021 - Facebook

Timmy was given excellent cardiac care and shown kindness during his visit!

Nancy H.
5 star rating
3/03/2021 - Yelp

My vet recommended CVCA for my elderly dachshund due to a heart murmur. Of course we had to follow Covid protocol but they were amazingly efficient and I really appreciate that. MD called me to tell me the findings and even better they sent me the report by email so I could hang on to it.

Sylvia Forbes
3/02/2021 - Facebook

My cat was seen at the Leesburg location. The staff is compassionate and pleasant.
They are excellent at follow up communications. That adds to the confidence I have in them.

Jen M.
5 star rating
3/02/2021 - Yelp

We really weren't sure what was wrong with my bulldog before bringing her in at the recommendation of our primary vet; I was hesitant to have to take her to a new vet, where she was unfamiliar and we didn't know what was wrong. The vet techs were all so sweet and understanding from the beginning; Dr. Weidman took the time to explain everything, answer all my questions and concerns, and I never felt rushed or like I was spending too much of his time. I called several times after hours while we worked to get her meds right, and I got the same understanding care and time with the after-hours vets, too- and they all acted like my bulldog was their only patient. I really can't speak highly enough about this entire team and I'm grateful for their care of keeping my bully as healthy as we can. Dr. Weidman & his team really take the time to listen to your questions and concerns; I never felt like I was taking too much of their time. They're really committed to wanting to help your fur baby!

Carla F.
5 star rating
3/02/2021 - Yelp

The entire care team was incredible and really helped our family through a medical scare with our precious pup. The compassion, concern and kindness you showed while being highly informative

Carol Griffin Guerrera
3/01/2021 - Facebook

Great care, would definitely recommend to anyone needing cardiac treatment for their pet. Dr Jacob always takes the time to thoroughly explain what’s going on with my cat.

Diann S.
5 star rating
2/28/2021 - Yelp

Very kind and thoughtful medical professionals. They were kind to my behavior- challenged cat and explained everything that they did and the options.

Toni Robison
2/26/2021 - Facebook

My dog has a murmur! He loves going there. He loves going there. They do a great job communicating with you. My dog is doing great!

Donna LeCompte
2/26/2021 - Facebook

My Newfoundland Fred sees Dr. Tyrrell. Fred is a momma’s boy and does not like to go in without me. I have been happy that Dr. Tyrrell comes outside to discuss the appointment instead of calling on the phone. I would highly recommend CVCA.

Concelia C.
5 star rating
2/26/2021 - Yelp

My 10 year old cat was referred here by my veterinarian, and I was obviously stressed at the possibility of him having a major medical issue. Initial interactions with the staff via phone were great! They even called me twice to reschedule as we were in the middle of a week long ice storm. Upon arriving, they were very quick to come out and get him from the car(to ensure social distancing), and the nurse was extremely friendly with him. The doctor called shortly after he was returned to me, and she delivered the news I feared, but explained thoroughly what steps needed to be taken to help him stay healthy. She really helped put my worst thoughts at ease. Also, my actual cost ended up being almost $200 less than originally quoted! I can really tell everyone in their office has a deep love for all of their patients, and aren't by any means looking to make a quick buck. I very highly recommend CVCA!

Catharine P.
5 star rating
2/26/2021 - Yelp

Great experience, staff was efficient and helpful, doctor good at sharing facts and care plan. Having dog with behavior issues didn't effect care at all Kindness to problem dog

Cosette Stevens Leonard
2/24/2021 - Facebook

Great experience They time they took to let me know what was going on and how well they treated my dog!

Carol W.
5 star rating
2/24/2021 - Yelp

Thank you for taking the time to explain things to me and meet with me at my car instead of just the phone. I left feeling really good about the issue with my dog the way you explained the issue and course of action.

Yani Enid Velazquez
2/23/2021 - Facebook

The best !!! Dr Michael Hickey and the staff very profesional. Thank you Dr. Hickey simple the Best!!

Taua B.
5 star rating
2/23/2021 - Yelp

Great place! Highly recommend!! I most appreciated the kind and humorous manner of the staff and doctor. I truly appreciated the doctor explaining everything clearly, and calmly. It definitely helped calm my nerves!

Ann C.
5 star rating
2/17/2021 - Yelp

It was a positive experience. Clear, concise explanation of progressing disease. It was easy to schedule appointment and staff was pleasant. Dr Tyrell is top notch with excellent bedside manner.

Ann Mason Carlson
2/16/2021 - Facebook

Dr Tyrell has always done an excellent job of explaining my Cavaliers heart issues. He always answers my questions thoroughly and never makes me feel rushed. Great bedside manner!

Marjorie M.
5 star rating
2/16/2021 - Yelp

I appreciated how quickly Wes was taken in for his appointment. As I said, I appreciated how much time Dr. Kain took explaining Wes's condition to me. The fact that Dr. Kain took so much time explaining things to me. His assistant was very nice as well.

Denise Giacomelli-Loehr
2/15/2021 - Facebook

My dog is seen by Dr. Rosenthal. He came highly recommended by several veterinarians & he is the best!

Cindy Johannessen
2/13/2021 - Facebook

Great experience for a difficult time.

Cindy Levering
2/12/2021 - Facebook

I was very happy with the care provided to our pet. I would definitely recommend Dr Bell to anyone in need of her service. Dr Bell was very detailed and didn't rush the time spent explaining Trixie's diagnosis to us. I also appreciate that they have quickly returned my calls when I've reached out to them with questions.

Emily Brown
2/12/2021 - Facebook

Maria B & Amanda were very professional and sweet. Dr. Shih was very knowledgeable and compassionate when discussing our cats echocardiogram results, nutrition, prognosis and next steps with us. She answered all of our questions and we didn’t once feel rushed or not important to her! I will highly recommend CVCA from this point forward 💕

Rosa M. S.
5 star rating
2/12/2021 - Yelp

I am so grateful to find a cardiologist for our Maeve at a place where we immediately felt comfortable. Everyone I spoke to from setting up the appointment, to pre visit questions, and the doctor were all great communicators, knowledgeable, and thorough in explaining the process and answering questions I had. Should we need more help with Maeve later down the line, it's comforting to know where we will go and that her doctor will be getting updates from her primary vet in the meantime. I really appreciated how kind everyone was and how clearly everything was communicated.

Pamela O.
5 star rating
2/12/2021 - Yelp

Love Dr. Andrie! I appreciate her thorough explanations and patience in answering all of my questions. I feel like my dog is in great hands with her.

Stacey Mayle
2/11/2021 - Facebook

Very easy, safe, and fast appointment for my cat to have a cardiac ultrasound. The vet was very clear when explaining the results. The charges seemed very fair.

Amy Knights
2/11/2021 - Facebook

Dr. Shih came to the car to speak with me. Whether that is her normal, was a professional courtesy, or she just didn't want to give me bad news over the phone, it was an appreciated gesture from someone also in the veterinary field.

Dayna S.
5 star rating
2/11/2021 - Yelp

I appreciate the care CVCA has always given my babies. It is especially difficult during COVID since I haven't been able to meet Dr. Pasieka in person, however she always makes me feel like she takes great care of my Kingston and she explains everything about his condition (even the bad stuff) in a very clear and kind way that makes me comfortable and confident that she is doing what's best for my baby.

Suson Albert
2/10/2021 - Facebook

Dr. Stern and Dr. Cober have taken wonderful care of our furbaby. She is doing so good on the medicines and we have a happy lil girl once again. We are grateful and appreciate all the staff and Doctors there, the compassion and kindness are outstanding!

Kyle Rodgers
2/09/2021 - Facebook

I am very happy with our care at CVCA Vienna! The visits at the Vienna CVCA always go smoothly. We love Dr Peckens and his whole staff! Everyone is so understanding and comforting and patient. Can't say enough about all those involved with CVCA Vienna!

Linda Atkinson
2/09/2021 - Facebook

I really appreciate all of the people in your office that I have been in contact with...thank you all. This situation is very stressful for me and you have made it extremely easy to navigate, which is really helping. I loved the way my pup was treated when she was met outside....shaking like a leaf. Loved the communication from the staff before the visit...and really appreciated the communication and explanations from the vet following the visit. I felt like my Yoyo was as special to them as she is to me and that is so important and appreciated!

Billie H.
5 star rating
2/03/2021 - Yelp

Very happy with CVCA and love the Dr. and assistants. Everyone has been very helpful. I feel they take really great care of my dog.

Becky Ward Hudson
2/02/2021 - Facebook

Overall professionalism and caring, compassionate treatment experience.

Barbara Walker Wallace
2/02/2021 - Facebook

Friendly, appointments are kept on schedule and prices are discussed upfront. Results are discussed immediately following appointment with a follow up written report emailed.

John B.
5 star rating
2/02/2021 - Yelp

Excellent care for our aging whippet, Pablo. We highly recommend CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets!

Rachael Bishop
2/01/2021 - Facebook

Terrific, compassionate, pet care! What I appreciate most is you got my cat Hank Aaron in for an echocardiogram ASAP -- next day as a matter of fact from our call! You had a cancellation and your great team reached out right away. Saved us months of waiting and worry. Thank you!

Marshall E.
5 star rating
2/01/2021 - Yelp

Thank you for diagnosing my kitten and providing a treatment plan. He is doing very well and seems to be a happy boy. They were able to see my kitten within 2 weeks and were understanding that I was driving from NC.

Cindy Stroup
1/30/2021 - Facebook

Competent caring vets! Appreciate them taking good care of my cat.

Diana Tiller-Dichtel
1/25/2021 - Facebook

We took our dog for testing. She went with the technician right away. They brought her back to the car. They explained every step of the process so we knew exactly what to expect. Dr. Weidman was very kind when he called and went over many options. I would definitely recommend this clinic for pets with cardiac problems.

Todd J.
5 star rating
1/20/2021 - Yelp

I thought the care and attention were nice. John who initially came out and picked up my dog and Brett was wonderful to encounter. I felt like my dog was in good hands. The time Brett Boorstin took with me in the parking lot to answer all my questions was above and beyond. He was thorough in telling me results and even drew on a white board. Excellent care!

Carmen Camacho
1/15/2021 - Facebook

The staff is very professional but very caring. Dr. Miller was wonderful did not rush with his diagnosis and explanation of meds etc.

Ellen Phillips Warsaw
1/15/2021 - Facebook

We have had multiple visits at CVCA and every time I come away with confidence in our dog's diagnosis, assessment, and well being. It is so nice to feel that she, and we, are well cared for. The enthusiasm for my dog by the tech who took her in and out for the appointment made me feel especially good about her time at the clinic.

Sarah M.
5 star rating
1/08/2021 - Yelp

All staff were very informal, kind, and helpful. We will be using CVCA for the rest of our cardiac needs.

Michelle Mannering
1/06/2021 - Facebook

We rescue cats off the street, and many of them have needed specialty care. We trust Dr. Tyrrell completely to care for them with excellence and kindness. It is such a comfort to have that trust -- and experience with him -- when our cats need medical care.

Candace Stribling
1/04/2021 - Facebook

I have been taking my pets to CVCA for several years. The staff and doctors have always been caring. I really think that Neko has lived as long as she has because of the care/advice I have received from CVCA. clear explanations in layman terms; caring doctors and staff

Sue Long Billings
12/31/2020 - Facebook

Your care and compassion for my pet and me was exceptional. I thank you all so much for your expertise, care, compassion and communication concerning my cat, Gus. You rock!

Batte Bizzarro
12/31/2020 - Facebook

Excellent experience with Staff and Dr Boothe. Thank you guys so much!

Andrea Pritsios Butler
12/29/2020 - Facebook

Our vet spoke highly of your practice which made us feel better about handing over our dog for evaluation, and you all were so great from start to finish. You spent quite a bit of time on the phone with us prior to making the appointment to explain the process. And the day of the appointment everything went smoothly, on time, and followed up quickly after the appointment to give us the results since we couldn't be inside with him. Thank you all!

Tim B.
5 star rating
12/29/2020 - Yelp

I don't even have my puppy back from surgery yet (as she is staying overnight to be monitored), but I've got to tell y'all how amazing you are! Dr. Rosenthal gave me an in depth explanation of my pup's heart surgery and answered all my questions. He also spoke with me several times before and after her surgery today to make sure I was at ease. Kira and Lina were also incredible, and made the whole scheduling process so simple. Thank you to anyone else who helped out with Ophelia's procedure. As someone who works in the veterinary field, I know this year has taken an extreme toll on us, but you guys doing an incredible job and I truly appreciate how caring and professional you were. Ophelia's probably not going to be too happy about leaving you all in the morning!

Colleen M.
5 star rating
12/29/2020 - Yelp

Would recommend. The doctor engaged in a thorough conversation about my pet's condition and provided a detailed plan of care.

Robert W.
5 star rating
12/27/2020 - Yelp

Process was smooth. Communication with Sara and Dr. Boothe in cardiology was clear and easy to understand. Best of all, Jasper is feeling much better since starting his treatment.

Betty Schnellenberger
12/25/2020 - Facebook

This is very specialized care especially if your Cavalier has MVD. We just took our second Cavalier to CVCARICHMOND for Dr Turner’s evaluation. She and the staff are very caring and efficient. I look forward again to the day we can meet face to face.

Joshua Daly
12/25/2020 - Facebook

The staff is always friendly and the care our cat has received has been great. Overall the doctor listened to our concerns and we have had a good experience

Rena RF
12/23/2020 - Facebook

CVCA cared for my sweet Rufus, diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and heart disease, for 7 years. we lost him on November 11th of this year, despite the incredible care and compassion shown by the doctors. Truth be told, Rufus lived to be 13 and 1/2 years old. Given his heart disease, it was many more years than I could have expected had it not been for CVCA and their careful and compassionate guidance.

If you want to know what kind of people these are, they made a donation in Rufus's memory to the Virginia Tech college of veterinary medicine's memorial fund to help advance research to care for and safeguard our beloved companion animals. It was a caring and compassionate thing for them to do, and one which means so much to me personally.

I told Dr Tyrell after we lost Rufus, I hope to never have to be a client of his again, but should the need arise with any of my cats, I would absolutely bring them to see him. Rufus lived as long as he did because of the great care and guidance CVCA gave.

Lauren M.
5 star rating
12/23/2020 - Yelp

You guys take great care of my cat and are always very thorough in explaining next steps and our best options.

Beth P.
5 star rating
12/23/2020 - Yelp

Overall, I was extremely impressed with Dr. Booth and how he explained everything and gave me concise options and instructions. He was very caring toward my pet and it showed. Thank you!

Eddie Adkins
12/17/2020 - Facebook

A great experience. Everyone I interacted with was so friendly. The young man who came out to the car to get our dog was very warm and personable, and you could tell he loves dogs. Dr. Cober was also very warm and personable, and it was clear that he cared about our dog and about us. It was important to him that we understand his findings, and unlike many healthcare professionals, he did not seem in a hurry. That is something we value.

Sharon W.
5 star rating
12/10/2020 - Yelp

My vet detected a slight heart murmur in our dog Lulu during her last routine check-up and referred me to CCVA. I had taken a different dog (Gina, who has since died of old age) there years ago when they were still on Nebel Street. This was my first visit to them since they moved to Blue Pearl in Rockville. I've been to the ER and Internal Medicine doctors in Blue Pearl and it is a wonderful facility, with an awesome staff and a very comfortable waiting room. With the new coronavirus restrictions in place we could not accompany Lulu to her echocardiogram. We were asked to wait on the premises during her procedure in case we were needed for consultation. The pre-visit registration and instructions on the internet were thorough and totally understandable. As expected I got a call on my cell phone a few minutes before my scheduled appointment and I confirmed we were there and described where we were parked. Shortly after that a tech came out to retrieve Lulu. The hardest part of the visit was that I had been in with Gina during her electrocardiogram. I knew that it was non-invasive and with me able to stay with her and comfort her it was not scary for her at all. I couldn't go in with Lulu due to current safety precautions and apparently she was very nervous, but the staff was really sweet with her and got her back to us as soon as possible. After her procedure the doctor called us with her results, which were thankfully optimistic about her prognosis. I was then transferred to be checked out and provide my payment information. I was extremely impressed with CVCA when I took Gina there years ago, and I was equally impressed with my visit with Lulu this year. Staff is extremely kind and knowledgeable.