Miranda Greenburg
9/18/2020 - Facebook

Super friendly staff. Easy scheduling and the doctor was very kind. She explained everything and answered all my questions. Honestly, it couldn’t have been a better visit!

Jann H.
5 star rating
9/15/2020 - Yelp

CVCA provides the best care!! The doctors and staff are so wonderful; they love my dogs as much as I do. I have the highest confidence that my dogs are receiving the very best diagnosis and care possible. I appreciate that you always remember me and my dogs.

5 star rating
9/15/2020 - Yelp

It was important for us to find a specialist/team who cares for our fur baby as much as we do. CVCA understood our urgency and made sure we were called when an earlier appointment opened up and when we went in for a visit (although we still couldn't have in-person appt) we felt included and felt open to ask all the questions over the phone. It was our first visit but definitely felt at easy and confident that we found a best team for our baby. Informative conversation and understanding from the Dr. Holdt, and caring team member who took care of furball was the best part of the visit.

Alyssa C.
5 star rating
9/15/2020 - Yelp

We were referred to CVCA by Austin Vet Hospital for my dog Rocky. As soon as I called to set the appointment, I felt so grateful we were working with them. They were so warm, friendly, upbeat, and organized. We're no strangers to vetting (3 boxers will do that to you) and after some tough vet visits, it's so nice to feel relaxed, welcomed, calm, and comforted during a specialty visit. Not only did we feel like we were in great hands with our care, but the affection and love they showed my dog during the appointment was a huge bonus for me. Thanks for taking great care of my Rocky today, Dr Meier, Kendra, Tara, and Shannah.

Celeste Gebler
9/14/2020 - Facebook

Was seen on time and Dr Rosenthal spent plenty of time going over the findings of Fletch's echo and answered all my questions. The kindness of the staff and Dr Rosenthal
are so appreciated. This is our 3rd time here and have never had a bad experience. But more than all of this....I trust them with my Boy Fletch.

Kathy Huber
9/14/2020 - Facebook

We were very impressed with our visit to CVCA. We arrived early for our appointment but were quickly attended. Jaeger's history was confirmed and shortly after a tech came out to get him. I was prepared for a long wait but sooner than I expected Jaeger had had his test. Shortly thereafter Dr Shih called and reviewed his results. She answered all my questions. It never felt rushed, rather that she'd take as much time as needed to make sure I was comfortable and understood the results. the care Jaeger received. He was as relaxed as could be expected in a strange place, being separated from his family.

Andrea S.
5 star rating
9/14/2020 - Yelp

Dr. Lefbom is wonderful. She knows her stuff and explains things clearly. She's also just a really nice person. I enjoy visiting CVCA despite the fact that my dog's heart condition is the reason for the visits. It is clear you genuinely care about my dog and his wellbeing. I highly recommend CVCA!

Michele Kates
9/12/2020 - Facebook

I was very pleased with the time that each staff member spent with me. They gave very thorough explanations and never rushed the conversation. I was very worried about Finn's health but everyone was very reassuring and gave us their undivided attention.

Daniel Eckstein
9/10/2020 - Facebook

The staff are caring and responsive. CVCA is extremely well run and organized.

Patricia Spencer-Melesh
9/10/2020 - Facebook

I can sum up in one word...SUPERIOR! My 11.5 year old Doberman was experiencing a sudden onset of symptoms beginning Sunday, 9/6/20. Flyer visited her veterinarian at GAVH on Tuesday, 9/8/20. Dr. Manyin suggested Flyer visit CVCA for a more detailed evaluation. Flyer's symptoms were escalating and it was important for me (and her) to be evaluated by a cardiologist. This has been very stressful as I felt this appointment should not be delayed. On Wednesday, 9/9/20, a member of the office staff contacted me and offered us an appointment with Dr. Boothe today (9/10/20). Everyone has been so kind ,thorough, and accommodating at a time when I most needed all of these things. I am impressed with the COVID-19 protocols that are in place. Joe came out to get Flyer from the car. He was awesome. I don't have enough flattering adjectives to describe Dr. Boothe! He spent all of the time that I needed to share/explain/discuss his findings. Even in the face of his diagnosis he was both positive and realistic (and conveyed the message to me in the kindest way possible). He listened to me. He is an angel. Finally, Shanna what a great young lady you have representing the business side of CVCA! She is patient, calm, flexible, humorous, and a problem solver extraordinaire (it was near 4:00 P.M. and Care Credit was not cooperating). Furthermore, Shanna's supervisor was out for the day! She figured the problem out with grace and humor! I am wowed as a "pet" Mom. I feel that CVCA is taking care of our entire family! As a retired teacher A+! Please refer to earlier comments.

Alice Blanchard Thomas
9/10/2020 - Facebook

Dr. Meier is knowledgeable and caring. The staff are courteous and compassionate.

Kevin Bosch
9/09/2020 - Facebook

They care about you and your pet. Dr Gina listens to you and answers your questions, even follow up questions i had latter that day by email. The staff is great and replies quickly to my concerns. they took care of a Rx transfer and the original was no longer available. I trust Dr Gina and her staff. i wish my human cardiologist was this kind. No God complex here, CVCA serves the pets and their owners...compassionately.

Sharlene M.
5 star rating
9/09/2020 - Yelp

Very responsive and very thorough and provided a very good explanation of what is happening with Loki's heart and a plan of action. Even though we could not go in with the pet because of Covid-19. The vet techs and doctors treated the parent and animals with respect. The doctor herself came out to talk to you. It was good experience.

Wendy McPherson
9/04/2020 - Facebook

We were impressed by the efficiency and professionalism during our visit yesterday. Dr. Shih gave a very detailed explanation of what she saw, and allowed us the time to ask questions. I like the idea of waiting with our pet in the car until it is time to be seen. Our dog was more comfortable with us than being in a waiting room The staff made an effort to make the experience a positive one. that the staff listened and was willing to give us the time to ask questions. I would highly recommend this facility, but hopefully your fur family member won't need it.

Davina J.
5 star rating
9/04/2020 - Yelp

This is my second visit to CVCA. Both times everyone has been pleasant and the findings have been fully explained. The doctor has been patient and answered all questions . Medical terminology explained in a way that was easy to understand

Chris C.
5 star rating
9/04/2020 - Yelp

Dr Tyrell is wonderful and I'm so glad he cares and treats my dog like one of his own. With his care and advice I was able to correct some of the problems Hershey had and Hershey is still here and I swear its because we caught his problem early and treated it. The doctor's bedside manner is wonderful and I like that you have a specialized practice dedicated to heart care.

Leanne S.
5 star rating
9/03/2020 - Yelp

As an owner of a large breed dog, I especially appreciate their experience in this area. They do a great job of helping understand the context of clinical results that on the surface might create more angst than needed. They are fabulous with my dogs, who even with Covid protocols, head into the clinic quite willingly for their exams. They're prompt and professional and always available when I have questions.

Holly G.
5 star rating
9/02/2020 - Yelp

Very kind and caring with my fur baby. Also, I received a very thorough analysis and med plan. I'm extremely satisfied with the staff and veterinarian. I appreciate all of the help making Apollo as comfortable as possible.

Scott Sparks
8/30/2020 - Facebook

Dr Turner was so kind and compassionate with our Great Dane Dewey who had gone down hill so quickly due to several cardiac related issues. Dr. Weidman diagnosed and treated him initially and then along with Dr. Turner 5 days later during a 2 night stay at the facility. A few days later, he declined further and Dr Turner made room in her schedule (with no appointment) to see Dewey and give her recommendations. Although the hard decision has been made to let Dewey go later today, CVCA was great to work with to try and help my big boy. And the other staff at CVCA were so kind and helpful. Dr Turner's care and compassion!!

Scott S.
5 star rating
8/30/2020 - Yelp

Dr Turner was so kind and compassionate with our Great Dane Dewey who had gone down hill so quickly due to several cardiac related issues. Dr. Weidman diagnosed and treated him initially and then along with Dr. Turner 5 days later during a 2 night stay at the facility. A few days later, he declined further and Dr Turner made room in her schedule (with no appointment) to see Dewey and give her recommendations. Although the hard decision has been made to let Dewey go later today, CVCA was great to work with to try and help my big boy. And the other staff at CVCA were so kind and helpful. Dr Turner's care and compassion!!

Peggy Rosenbluth
8/29/2020 - Facebook

I was comfortable with the process due to the COVID-19 virus. Everyone involved in taking care of my pet were professional and compassionate. I look forward to a continuing relationship with this business. I was most comfortable with the compassion they showed for my pet and myself

Peggy R.
5 star rating
8/29/2020 - Yelp

I was comfortable with the process due to the COVID-19 virus. Everyone involved in taking care of my pet were professional and compassionate. I look forward to a continuing relationship with this business. I was most comfortable with the compassion they showed for my pet and myself

Jennifer M.
5 star rating
8/29/2020 - Yelp

I love CVCA - everyone is so caring and patient. Dr. Jacobs is fantastic, I completely trust her to give my dog excellent care. She is thorough and takes time to talk to you and fully explain your pet's condition. Could not ask for more. I never feel rushed and the team truly cares about my pet.

Lou A Lichti
8/28/2020 - Facebook

Dr Boorstin was thorough, quick, gave nutrition recommendation was unaware of. Appreciated his attention to detail. Denise was also very good.

Cam Synclair Davis
8/28/2020 - Facebook

The experience was great! The staff is so nice and did great with my shy pup! I really appreciate the care CVCA took with Schuyler!

Amanda K.
5 star rating
8/28/2020 - Yelp

I have three foster dogs with heart issues that see Dr. Lefbom at CVCA. I have been pleased with how thorough she is with each dog and gives me a clear idea of how to best care for them. The treatment she recommends helps them to feel their best

Laura R.
5 star rating
8/28/2020 - Yelp

Every experience I've ever had with CVCA has been stellar. The staff make the dogs and families feel like a top priority rather than just a number. Continually impressed!

Susanne Joy
8/25/2020 - Facebook

Staff at the Richmond location are so compassionate and have been so wonderful to us at House of Joy rescue. Dr. Turner is very kind and knowledeable; and she also went out of her way to consult with colleagues on a difficult case, to ensure that she was recommending the appropriate treatment for one of our little guys - which was so appreciated. She took the time to explain everything thoroughly and patiently answered all our questions.

We recently had to take in another little girl and Dr. Turner even remembered our little guy from several months ago and asked about him. Our tech this time was Courtney, and she treated our little girl like she was her own - just like they did last time with our guy. Cannot speak highly enough of the vets and staff at this location.

Resook Resook
8/19/2020 - Facebook

Terrific doctor and staff, very thorough, professional, and caring.

Kiersten Kern
8/12/2020 - Facebook

We drove to CVCA from South Houston and I am very glad we did. The staff at CVCA is kind and caring. They were very organized with their curbside service and I was very comfortable with them treating my kitty. I will absolutely recommend them.

Pamela U.
5 star rating
8/10/2020 - Yelp

They are the very best at what they do and all personnel are knowledgeable, thoughtful and provide superb customer service during and after visits. If your pet needs help look no further than CVCA.

Jordan Moffett
8/01/2020 - Facebook

Dr. Bell was absolutely wonderful! This was our first time visiting CVCA. She was very thorough in explaining everything to me and made sure that all of my questions were answered. I never felt rushed - and I had many questions so that is saying a lot! We never once felt that our dog didn't have her full attention during our visit/ conversation. She also was able to provide me with a potential holistic remedy to combine with the wester medication for my dog - which is very important to me. In what can be a very stressful situation, she was unbelievably kind and assured me that while it may take time to regulate my dog's blood pressure, we would get there. We have seen a lot of vets over the years (as we have moved quite a few places)... our bar for a quality vet/specialist is very high and Dr. Bell not only met but surpassed this bar. We feel very lucky to have found her!

Angela K.
5 star rating
8/01/2020 - Yelp

My first visit was great. Dr. Meier was patient and through with her explanation with my cat. It made the situation less stressful. The staff were friendly and patient too. Appointments during COVID are stressful but this was better than I expected. Most important to me was how patient they were with me and my cat and through explanation of my cat's situation

Betty Smith
7/29/2020 - Facebook

Such a great experience! The staff was super quick to get back to me about scheduling, and Dr. Andrie was very knowledgeable and patient answering all of my questions. CVCA definitely made me (and my kitty) as comfortable as possible in a pretty stressful situation. Highly recommend!

Betty S.
5 star rating
7/29/2020 - Yelp

The staff at CVCA were professional, responsive, and so helpful. There was almost no wait and my kitty was in an out in under 30 minutes. The cardiologist was extremely knowledgeable and patient answering all of my questions and put me at ease in what was a pretty stressful situation for both me and my cat. Highly recommend CVCA!

Jennifer Sanchez
7/26/2020 - Facebook

Thank you so much CVCA in Fairfax, VA. We had been bringing our beloved Lucy here for a few years to check on her Congestive heart failure situation. They were always extremely nice and very understanding. They helped Lucy up until she was unfortunately in the final stages of her life. We made the painful decision to let her rest. They sent us a condolence letter that really meant a lot to us in those trying times. Once again, thank you for making a positive impact in not only Lucy's life, but ours as well❤️

Heather Worleybird
7/21/2020 - Facebook

Dr. Meier and her staff are incredibly kind and professional. My dog gets very agitated at the vet, and they are so kind and understanding about it. Dr. Meier is very clear and precise about the information that she gives to you, so you are able to care for your pet accordingly. We have gone there pre-covid, and during covid, the protocols that they have put in place makes you feel safe, and you know that the staff is able to work safely as well.

Amanda B.
5 star rating
7/06/2020 - Yelp

I enjoy having someone with so much knowledge and experience on my pet's health care team. It gives me piece of mind knowing we are staying on top of the best care we can to keep her healthy and happy for as long as we possibly can. I really appreciate the clear, concise communication.

Radhika S.
5 star rating
7/06/2020 - Yelp

I wouldn't take my 15 year old chihuahua anywhere else for her cardiac care. The staff and doctors are professional, friendly, and caring.

Brenda S.
5 star rating
6/26/2020 - Yelp

I highly recommend CVCA and Dr. Katie Meier. The whole team works like a well oiled machine. They treat my diva with care. They then keep me well informed on her condition, prognosis and medicines.

Janet Foley Kocen
6/22/2020 - Facebook

CVCA is awesome. Dr. Peckins is very nice. I appreciate his care for our sweet old man, Golly. I would give him 5 stars!

Jennifer Matrey
6/18/2020 - Facebook

I’ve been taking my dogs to CVCA for almost 10 years now they are the best of the best!
I’m also a vet tech at a local vet hospital and we refer all cardiac patients to them. They have many locations and if it’s an emergency will make room for you!

Adriana Alegrett
6/17/2020 - Facebook

BIG thank you to the staff at CVCA
Cardiac Care for Pets (Leesburg) for such excellent care and support...My dog and I can’t say enough good things and we highly recommend CVCA!! Also, Dr. Boorstin is a wonderful Veterinary Cardiologist!!

Katherine Siefker
6/16/2020 - Facebook

CVCA does an excellent job caring for their patients. Everyone is friendly and helpful there. The doctors are wonderful. I have never had a bad experience there. I have sent many patients to them and they have treated my personal pet too. These are hard times right now and they were extremely professional and quick with their curbside service. I recommend them to anyone who needs a veterinary cardiologist.

Angela M.
5 star rating
5/14/2020 - Yelp

I have been to this location twice now. First time was Nov 2019 and then again today May 14th, 2020. My first was a bit overwhelming because I had never been to a dog cardiologist before, it's a different experience than a regular vet. Also, I was so scared for my little we got bad news that day. He was diagnosed with heart disease and placed on medication. I felt that Dr. Andrie was very caring and was generally concerned with helping my baby get the best outcome possible. There were also two techs in the room. I remember one was very nice and has a great personality and one was VERY aloof, irritated, and seemed to bring tension into the room...maybe she was just having a bad day. You never know what someone may be going through. Who knows, but it was very evident she didnt want to be there.2nd, is all i have to say! I am so impressed with this office. Today my baby saw Dr. Meier(Dr. Andrie has moved to the other location). Dr. Meier is AWESOME. Due to Covid I was unable to go in this time but I have to say I am so impressed with how they are handling the disruption. I saw another review had mentioned they had a bad experience during Covid. It seems like they have completely changed their protocols since then. My experience is a tech comes to your vehicle (full PPE) and takes all of your dogs information and talks with you about the whole process. They take your dog inside while you wait in your car. When your dog is done with the appointment the tech brings your doggo back to your car and then you talk to the doctor over the phone.I was so impressed with Dr. Meier while speaking with her over the phone. I never felt rushed or like I wasn't her priority. I'm a bit of a neurotic dog parent and always have a bunch of questions and need things explained in painful detail. She was just awesome. Will always request her from now on.All of the medications and precautions given to me on my first visit have been working! My dog is responding wonderfully and even got cleared(with certain precautions) for an unrelated surgery that he desperately needs. Looking forward to our next heart checkup in 9 months!Thank you Dr. Andrie and Dr. Meier!!!*special note* during my appointment today the tech referenced many things I had mentioned during my first appointment. This tells me two things...1) that they take detailed notes AND 2) the techs and doctors read them. It's a small thing but it really makes you feel like they care and it's always nice to not have to repeat yourself over and over.

Barry Udvardy
5/12/2020 - Facebook

CVCA provided much needed immediate care for our beloved cat and gave us 8 more solid healthy months with him!

Kelsey Eliades
5/04/2020 - Google

This was my first visit to the Vienna office (normally we visit the Southpaws office). I was very impressed by the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff, especially during the COVID 19 crisis. They have excellent protocols in place to continue to operate while keeping their clients and staff safe. My girl Babybel has a lot of special needs, and they took fabulous care of her and promptly sent me the detailed reports and results. I so appreciate the care they provide. Thank you Dr. Lefbom and the rest of the CVCA Vienna Crew.

Cathy Fox
4/27/2020 - Facebook

The Louisville CVCA location gave me an appointment within a day of my email request. From the staff to the location (both easily accessible), I was very happy to get a second opinion for my pet Sadie from Dr. Sarah Bell. Her diagnosis was thorough after doing an echocardiogram, which revealed lung issues versus a previous diagnosis of CHF (from an x-ray at my regular vet office). I'm so happy to have researched and found CVCA. Can't thank them enough for being so thorough, efficient, friendly and helpful, from the appointment process and the visit, to answering followup questions/concerns I had via telephone and e-mail. Five stars!

Cathy Fox
4/20/2020 - Facebook

Thanks to Dr. Bell and the staff for taking such great care of my 15 year old Sadie today. Who knew she was having lung issues and not CHF as diagnosed at another vet clinic. I just had to search for answers, and you sure made the visit as easy as could be and I appreciate everyone's kindness and expertise!

Amy Basha Rich
4/19/2020 - Facebook

The staff and doctors are wonderful, very caring, and knowledgeable, and always take great care of Bentley, our senior-aged pup.

Robert Frost
4/11/2020 - Facebook

I took my dog Bindy to CVCA last year when she was having serious heart issues. She started doing better almost immediately after Dr. Cober diagnosed her and put her on a detailed treatment plan. 8 months later, she has shown significant improvement and is doing great! Everyone I have dealt with at the hospital has been extremely friendly, compassionate, and helpful. Whenever I have needed anything they have responded almost immediately. I couldn't be happier with everything!! Hightly recommended!!

Stacey Vozar Walterman
4/10/2020 - Facebook

They have seen two of my dogs within a couple of hours of me calling in a panicked voice. They have bern wonderful.

Amanda K.
5 star rating
4/08/2020 - Yelp

My three year old terrier, Tater Tot was diagnosed with PDA at this location. After being misinformed about her underlying condition at another facility, Dr. Borderline was able to diagnose, perform surgery, and ultimately treat my pup. She has an amazing bedside manner and allows the owner to be present during echocardiograms, which is hard to find anywhere else. Excellent people and care!

Lara Wilson
3/13/2020 - Facebook

Dr. Bordelon and the whole staff at CVCA Austin have been caring for my Chico for years, and I know he’s still hanging in there at 16 years old because of their stellar care. Everyone is friendly and inviting and knows exactly how to make me (neurotic hyperattached owner) and my little guy (nervous whining chihuahua) comfortable the whole time we are there for our visits. 12/10 recommend these guys. Worth every penny! Thank you CVCA Austin!

Marie H.
5 star rating
3/11/2020 - Yelp

As a veterinary technician I was devastated to hear my own pet had a heart condition. I turned to Dr. Lefbom and the staff at CVCA and was delighted at the level of care my cat and I got from them. Everyone was extremely professional and their concern for my kitty was heartwarming. Their attention and careful monitoring helped keep my cat's condition in check for longer than I would have thought possible. I would recommend the CVCA staff to anyone whose pet needs cardiac care. They are wonderful!

Amy Pilosi Bianco
3/08/2020 - Facebook

My sweet girl was treated here for the first time. To say I am devastated at her condition is an understatement. Dr. Pasieka and John Michael were very professional and caring. I am thankful to get the best care for the love of my life, Miley.

Ginny Simonds
3/05/2020 - Facebook

when I walked in the door everyone was nice and friendly

Kevin C.
5 star rating
3/05/2020 - Yelp

Very happy with the service I received today. I was greeted at the front desk right away and shown to "my" room.Everything was explained clearly to me and both me and my dog were looked after.I can happily recommend CVCA RIchmond.

Fran Rey
3/02/2020 - Facebook

Since dobermans are at increased risk for DCM we took our rescue girl Harly to see Dr. Tyrell today. She got a clean bill of health!! Tech John-Michael was wonderful and Dr. Tyrell is willing to answer ALL questions. Harly is happy with CVCA and so are we!!

Cynthia Eshleman
2/27/2020 - Facebook

This place is wonderful. They were very friendly and communicated everything to our understanding.