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At CVCA, we’re all about creating the best possible outcome for our cardiac patients and families. When your cat or dog is experiencing a potential heart condition, it may be time to schedule an appointment. Reach out to us to get in touch with one of our expert veterinary cardiologists right here in Louisville, KY.

Heart Diseases in Dogs

At any time in your dog’s life, there is a possibility of developing a heart condition. Two of the most common diseases are chronic valvular disease and myocardial disease—the first being common in smaller dogs, while the latter is more prevalent in larger dogs.

If you notice your dog coughing frequently, having breathing difficulties, or experiencing behavioral changes, they may have a type of heart disease. Get in touch with our experts to see how we can help your dog live the longest and happiest life possible.

Heart Diseases in Cats

Heart diseases in cats are less common than with dogs, but they can still appear in your pet at any time. For instance, heart murmurs are relatively common and show up in check-ups with approximately 40% of all cats, but that does not mean your cat has heart disease.

At CVCA, we’re one of the few veterinary practices that have board-certified veterinary cardiologists on staff. If you have any concerns about your cat’s heart health, schedule an appointment with one of our experts at our office in Louisville.

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CVCA is the largest veterinary cardiology practice worldwide, annually helping more than 24,000 pets. We support Kentucky pet owners in Louisville, Indiana and beyond.

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“The doctors and staff at CVCA took great care of my dog! Everyone was extremely friendly and the environment is wonderfully set up to make your pet feel comfortable. I was very nervous to go there because my dog had a potentially serious medical issue but they made it a great experience.”
—Aaron (Louisville, KY)

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Here at CVCA, our core values are based on compassion, excellence, and integrity. As pet owners ourselves, we strive to continuously improve on the services we provide via the health and education of our patients. All of our CVCA locations embrace these values to help provide optimal care for your pets. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment today!