Becky West
10/14/2019 - Facebook

Very knowledgeable and compassionate group of health care professionals. I really appreciate their care and concern with my boy, Nick. They definitely get 5 stars!

Lili Celine Cuzor
10/10/2019 - Google

Although I never wish for anyone to have to bring their pet here, it is an incredible facility if an emergency pet situation should arise. It is state-of-the art care with outstanding, caring hands. They emailed me a report of my pet's scans + diagnosis which I greatly appreciated. We promptly got my dog back on the road to recovery. Thank you CVCA!

Christina Mae
10/09/2019 - Facebook

The team at CVCA is excellent! They are the top in their field and have always treated us with compassion and empathy. They obviously love what they do. Very blessed to have CVCA treating my dog Mia.

Alexander Victor Semenyuk
10/08/2019 - Facebook

Best I’ve been to. Very kind staff and knowledgable doctor, were helpful with my doberman.

Amy Burress
10/07/2019 - Facebook

Everyone was so great! I went into the appointment with clear knowledge of what would be going on with my Ginger. Everything was explained before, during, and after the appt. Compassionate staff and Dr.Bell was amazing with my girl. I can't say enough good things about this facility.

Cathy Tripp
10/05/2019 - Facebook

I took my 4week old Olde English / English Bulldog puppy in for an evaluation of a heart defect that showed up on X-ray at our primary’s office. I have no idea how they were able to get an echo on that tiny wiggly body but they did an amazing job! Dr. Rosenthal explained everything that he found as we went, was extremely knowledgeable about her condition and made me comfortable knowing that my baby girl Jasmine couldn’t be in better hands. The staff were very friendly and caring. Wonderful facility!

Mary Compton
9/27/2019 - Facebook

Their service and compassion were superb. They explained everything going on with our pet and took plenty of time answering questions!

Erin Kylie McCourt
9/23/2019 - Facebook

The best possible way to start my week! Super grateful to the caring doctors and staff!

Karen Barnett
9/20/2019 - Facebook

I can’t share enough good things about how CVCA has cared for my Cavaliers. They make the visit so easy and comfortable for the dogs!

Heather McNeil-Smythers
9/18/2019 - Facebook

Everyone was wonderful and they really cared about my dogs problem. And wanted to make sure we found out what was wrong with her heart and get her on meds if that’s what she needed. But right now she’s dose not need meds we are just going to do a recheck on her in 9 months.

Michelle H
9/17/2019 - Google

I had a fantastic experience here today! When I arrived for my dog's appointment, a welcome sign with his name (like at the airport :)) greeted us as did Taryn, and Taryn, Dr. Westphal, and the resident (whose name I've accidentally forgotten) took incredible care of us. Everything was explained to us thoroughly, and everyone made sure that Dexter was given lots of love and comfort throughout the examination. The pet and owner experience are really a top priority here, and it's clear that they've taken time and effort to understand their clients' experiences and make them as positive as possible. Thank you so much, CVCA!

Nan W.
5 star rating
9/07/2019 - Yelp

Several years ago, our adopted English Bull Terrier was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. He is now four and a half years old and is the only survivor out of a litter of six pups who all died prematurely from heart disease. We credit our dogs survival solely to the excellent treatment he receives at CVCA in Frederick. The cardiologists and staff are outstanding. Our dog is currently on several heart medications, doing well and enjoying life, considering his chronic condition. He simply would not have survived this long without the treatment intervention provided at CVCA. Not only is the staff wonderful with our dog, but they are also great with providing information to us, answering questions and welcoming us into the examination room with our dog as part of the "team." If we eventually lose our dog due to heart disease, we will be comforted that we sought the best veterinary specialists available to us, and that our boy enjoyed life in spite of heart disease.

Ellee Neilands
9/03/2019 - Google

Staff was awesome brought in a golden in a stalled labor

Jeff Abel
8/30/2019 - Facebook

Dr. Peckens is amazing unbelievable care give to our Cavalier Spencer performing an echocardiogram highly recommend

Kathryn Dominguez
8/26/2019 - Facebook

CVCS Is always friendly and concerned about my cat. Whenever I called to ask questions they always return my car to make sure that my problem and my answer is resolved.

Stephanie Collins Codrea
8/23/2019 - Facebook

We just brought our cat Tiger in to see Dr Tim Cain because of a heart murmur. He is the third cat we have had with heart disease and Dr. Cain and the staff are very gentle and caring with Tiger who is quite timid. When we lost our last cat who was 17 years old we got a sympathy card from the staff and Dr. Cain called us to say how sorry he was. He works closely with our regular vet Montgomery Animal Hospital to make sure that all of our cats with heart disease were and are well looked after.

Sophia Coleman
8/21/2019 - Facebook

Seriously amazing facility. My little Rocky seemed more comfortable here than he has at any other vet (though of course still slightly anxious!) but it felt really peaceful there. They do such thorough exams and really explain things in a way that makes it easy to understand.

Jenny Miszkonis
8/02/2019 - Facebook

Wonderful and caring people!

Julie Hoffman
8/01/2019 - Facebook

This service is nothing short of amazing. I now know the exact medications and doses my Rosie needs to extend her life and preserve the quality of her life. I watched her echocardiogram which was seriously cool!
Dr. Tim Cain fully explained Rosie’s issues including the way a dog’s heart works, what to expect, what to watch for but more importantly he gave me a lot of hope. It was unknown how far her heart disease had progressed but now we know and she can be treated accordingly.
Thank you CVCA!

Kristina Lee
7/31/2019 - Facebook

the staff here is wonderful. they are used to working with people and pets that have severe issues.. I appreciate everything they have done for Coco.

Janice Friedel
7/30/2019 - Facebook

The staff and Drs are awesome there!! I love Dr Shih!! So smart and kind and caring...top notch!

Alexis Nicole
7/27/2019 - Google

Spencer had a great follow up with Dr. Rick Cober
We were so happy to hear that Spencer is doing great! And that his heart condition has only mildly Progressed I put my full confidence and trust in
Dr. Cober! 100% he’s very knowledged and friendly! And explains everything into fine detail. Our experience at CVCA (Annapolis) was very pleasant Throughout the whole visit! We are very thankful for all the staff at CVCA and Dr. Rick Cober! Definitely ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Beth Polansky
7/26/2019 - Facebook

We cannot express how great Dr. Pasieka and her team are! We took both our dogs to see her for an echo as a result of the FDA research on grainfree diets and DCM. From the time we checked in for our appointment, til we walked out the door, the entire team was very sweet, knowledgeable and just amazing with our dogs and us! Our dogs were nervous, not a fan of having to lie down while strangers touched their bellies/chest. But they were patient and kept both dogs calm and were very efficient with that time. They treated our dogs as their own, making everything as low stress as possible for them. And as the results were reviewed, every measurement/picture was explained to us. Dr. Pasieka was incredibly knowledgeable about very athletic dogs and how their hearts differ, was very helpful in food discussions, and even responded within an hour later that same day when I emailed her with a question I forgot to ask! Super responsive and incredibly helpful! Will recommend her and her staff and this facility to everyone we know!!! Sawyer and Oliver thank you for being so wonderful with them today!

Diane Pettipas Gawkins
7/22/2019 - Facebook

Dr Gina Pasieka explained everything to us in detail and answered all our questions. Her exam was very thorough and she was kind and caring, as was Shanelle, her Vet tech. This was a stressful appt for Molly and they cared for her with compassion. We know she is in very capable hands under their care.

Susan Aspey
7/18/2019 - Facebook

Very knowledgeable veterinarian who was patient with my questions. My dog received a thorough exam, there were lots of questions about his medical history. Nothing felt rushed. The staff was very friendly and caring — they clearly love animals and understand how stressful the exam can be for pets and owners alike. I was very happy with the quality of care.

Carol Spisak
7/16/2019 - Facebook

Very professional, caring, thorough visit today from scheduling an appointment forward! Terrific all around.

Christina T.
5 star rating
7/16/2019 - Yelp

Highly recommend. Our vet cardiologist retired (and was well loved around the city) so we were a bit apprehensive but we had heard great things about the CVCA practice (shares space with AVES). We absolutely loved Dr Bordelon. She is personable, takes her time, and explains everything. She's great & gentle with both animals and people.  The appointment was as quick and as painless as it could be and our pup is tiny but feisty. Glad that she found a home in Austin!!

Erin Bellere
7/10/2019 - Facebook

Thank you to Sara who got us in so quickly, Joe for being so helpful, and Dr. Boothe for addressing our concerns and helping our Lexi girl. This place has been nothing short of wonderful and we are so grateful that they were prompt with diagnosing, testing, and treating our girl.

John Hepler
7/06/2019 - Facebook

Dr. Cober and vet tech Sara were great with my cat Purcey!

Jordan O'Connell
7/06/2019 - Google

Great place with great staff! They tried to comfort my Riley in her last days and did a wonderful job. All of the staff was classy when we had to put her down.

Theresa Lynn
7/04/2019 - Facebook

What a professional and friendly staff! They did a thorough exam and answered all my questions for my little man. Most of all they treated Mr Harley like he was there own!

Bonni Erizo
6/26/2019 - Facebook

Dr. Meier and the entire staff at CVCA in Austin, Texas are always very kind, warm and welcoming. It certainly makes for a less stressful visit for this momma and her little Pooh.

Jennifer K.
5 star rating
6/25/2019 - Yelp

I have had great experiences with CVCA at their Leesburg, Vienna and Fairfax locations over the past 8 years. The staff are super friendly and accommodating. The techs and cardiologists are wonderful at taking their time and explaining everything. I highly recommend any of CVCA's locations.

Johnny W.
5 star rating
6/22/2019 - Yelp

If they were only a real vet!!! I love this place as everyone is so friendly and they appear to genuinely care about your fur baby. The front desk staff is amazing, along with the vet tech and nurses; but hands down the best is the doctors. No upselling; no pushing products only take the time to take care of your animal in the most caring way. They do everything to make sure the dog is comfy and all of the rooms are appointed with lots of beds and couches for the patient. They explain every step of the way and make sure to help. I absolutely love the fact they whiteboard out what is going on with a picture of the heart and show you what is wrong. If we ever need a specialty care vet again, we will be back!!

Susan Hendrix
6/14/2019 - Facebook

Educated and caring staff. Wonderful new facility. Murphy always gets great care when we visit.

Roberto S.
5 star rating
6/13/2019 - Yelp

I took a leap of faith bringing the furball here and I am so glad I did! The care shown is obvious, from the front to the exam table. Took my Yorkie in to check out a lite heart murmur that our vet detected and the examination, along with the treatment, was straightforward. Information was given not only to our vet, but I also received copies of it, which is great for my own reading on the subject.

You CANNOT go wrong with coming to CVCA Rockville.

Shanown Rachel
6/12/2019 - Google

Dr. Hoch from internal medicine is amazing. She is thorough. She takes the time to listen and conference. She actually performs the procedures on the day the consult is scheduled. And most importantly, she helped our cat which no other internist could seem to do. Highly recommend.

Frances L Paluh Troup
6/10/2019 - Facebook

CVCA Vienna is amazing! Love Dr Neal Peckens and his staff. Amazing, compassionate care second to none. 🐾

Joanne Garrison
6/01/2019 - Facebook

those people are amazing my Gilbert did GREAT they were so kind and test came out pretty good We are no longer worried so much about our baby

Shelley Moore
5/14/2019 - Facebook

Expert and compassionate care for my dogs - thank you!