Pimobendan Drug Handout

What is Pimobendan?

Pimobendan is the first drug in a newer class of heart medications called inodilators. It lowers the pressure in both the arteries and veins, as well as improves heart muscle strength. This improves blood flow to the body without causing heart muscle damage. It has greatly improved the quality of life and life expectancy of pets with advanced heart disease.


  • To treat dogs with advanced heart disease (Cardiomyopathy and Degenerative Valve Disease)
  • Pulmonary Hypertension (high blood pressure in lungs) when this is causing right heart changes
  • Off label use in cats with congestive heart failure (CHF)

Adverse Effects

Please contact CVCA should any of these symptoms be noted

  • Decreased appetite, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Increases in liver enzymes on blood tests
  • Not recommended to use in dogs just because they have a heart murmur
  • Not recommended in patients with diseases causing an obstruction to blood flow leaving the heart.

Client Information

  • Chewable tablets are the standard form, but can be reformulated into capsules or liquid suspension
  • Please do not stop the medication, skip or change doses without veterinary approval

Interaction with Other Drugs

Standard Dosage Forms

Synonyms: (Pimobendan, Vetmedin)