Brent Lawson

DVM, Resident in Cardiology

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Lawson as a resident in Leesburg, VA.

Brent Lawson graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2015 with a degree in Animal Science, where he also got his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. He spent one year at the University of Tennessee doing a rotating internship, then two years at the Veterinary Cardiopulmonary Care Center in Pompano Beach, FL doing a cardiology internship. Additionally, he spent a year as a general practitioner prior to pursuing specialization. His cardiology areas of interest are pulmonary hypertension and degenerative valvular disease.

Dr. Lawson has 2 cats, Luke Skywhisker and Obi-wan Katnobi. He enjoys hiking, fishing, spending time with his wife.