“We had a great experience. Everyone was so nice and patient and the procedures and diagnosis were thoroughly explained. Thank you!!!! Just keep up what your are doing!!!!!”

“CVCA has been absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend you guys to anyone, and I am so glad that we chose to come to you! Our kitty ‘Lucius’ gets treated like the angel that he is, and I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!!!!”
Carrie and “Lucius”

“This was our second appointment with CVCA. The staff, technicians and doctor were welcoming, proficient and spent time with us explaining our cat ‘Gunther’ test results, what to expect in the future and next steps. We very much appreciate the personal care and focus we received during our appointment.” 
Dawn and “Gunther”

“Despite being such a stressful situation for myself and my cat, everyone at CVCA made us feel so welcome and comforted. From the moment we checked in, we knew this was going to be a great experience, and we were not let down. Allowing us to stay with our pet the entire time helped everyone with their nerves, and I greatly appreciate that. It is obvious that everyone working with CVCA cares about animals and is extremely knowledgeable.”  
Christina and “Jack”

“What a wonderful experience! I have been to other vets where I had to wait in the waiting area while my dog was examined and treated. At CVCA I was with my girl the entire time. We were greeted enthusiastically as soon as we entered the front door. Will highly recommend CVCA.”
Laurel and “Saoirse”

“I greatly appreciate all the time that your doctor and veterinary nurse took to talk with me about everything. This is a very overwhelming time for me and taking in all the information was made easier by their compassion and desire to see “Oliver” remain happy for whatever time he has left. I didn’t expect the cardiologist to speak with me on the phone, but both times someone did. They sincerely care about the animals and clients they are entrusted to work with.”

“‘Merlin’ had his first visit this morning to evaluate his heart murmur. All looks good just one of those nasty aging things! ‘Merlin’ is the third cat of ours who has been to CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets. ‘Dixie’ has been a patient for 11 years and has defied all odds with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in Cats (HCM) since birth. ‘Camile’ was a patient for two years. Thanks to all who have helped us with our kitty cardiac care!”
“Merlin,” “Dixie” and “Camile”

“We felt loved, appreciated and cared for when we are there and even when we are not on the premises.”
Christel and “Comet”

“My dog was so welcomed, and showed so much love. It made a tough experience and a tough day so much easier to get through.” 

“We had a great first visit! Sparky seemed happy and really comfortable! Treated just like he was at home! Thank you!”
Penny and “Sparky”

“The vet nurse was especially wonderful. My cat has never laid in a little bed at the vet nor has she ever been as calm as she was during the visit. She typically bites and growls. I believe it was the way the vet nurse was talking to her so sweetly that made all the difference.”

“The doctor and team leader were very professional. I was well briefed about chronic heart failure (CHF) and my bulldog was given excellent attention throughout the echo. CVCA is very lucky to have these great people on their team!!! Thank you so much!!!”

“The doctor and tech were especially gentle and took the time to pet and scratch my cat in just the right spot. The doctor was also very quick to research and respond to my questions, and I noticed on my take home instructions that a previous question had been fully answered and helpful web links also were given.”
2014 Client Survey

“My cat and I were both treated with genuine respect, care and concern. I got clear, detailed information about his condition and his needs for continuing care and observation.”
2014 Client Survey

“I’ve been bringing cats to CVCA since about 1988 and I am grateful to have these wonderful doctors available.”
2014 Client Survey