Nicole was born and raised in Richmond, VA. She moved to Washington, DC in 2014, then quickly realized the bustle of the metropolitan area was too much for her, and decided to move back to VA in 2016.  Nicole has a Bachelor of Science in English from the Virginia Commonwealth University. She has been in the veterinary field since 2005, when she started out as a kennel tech/vet assistant with the Richmond SPCA. She has a Border Collie/Pit Bull mix named “Millie”, a polydactyl Calico (with lots of ‘tude) named “Myrtle”, and a tuxedo sweet boy kitty named “Fifi”. She enjoys running, lifting heavy weights, hanging out with her daughter, step kids, and her fiancee. Her hobbies include writing short horror stories, taking her dog on adventures, and napping (when she has time!). Her favorite sports team are the Gotham Girls Roller Derby.