RACE – Lunch n Learns “How To”


RACE CE Lectures

Venue for Scheduling RACE Lecture Lunch n Learns

  • Coffee n Learn
  • Lunch n Learn
  • Dinner n Learn (Marketing Coordinates with Location)
  • Roundtable Discussions

How do we know which pcDVMs to reach out to schedule Lunch n Learns?

  • Refer to the current Marketing Targeted Spreadsheet

Key Points to CVCA Scheduling Lunch n Learns with pcDVMs

Benefits to express to pcDVMs & Techs when reaching out to them to schedule Lunch n Learns with CVCA:
  • Earn CE Credits
  •  1-on-1 time with CVCA Doctors and Technicians
  • Learn more about Cardiology

What outreach is in place to get Lunch n Learns scheduled?   

Ways to schedule Lunch n Learns:
  • pcDVMs fax back a Lunch n Learn flyer from the pcDVM Binder or from a CE Event CVCA exhibited
  • CVCA reaches out to pcDVMs, as mentioned above, especially the practices that have dropped off with New Referrals

How do I know when to schedule Lunch n Learns?

  • Double Doctor days – if available at your location, are an ideal time to make sure there is coverage on the floor
  • Doctor Schedule – verify they are good with the date and time suggested by the pcDVM

What lecture topics should we discuss with the pcDVMs?

 How do we track Lunch n Learns for our location?

  • Go to the Marketing Targeted Spreadsheet
  • You will see a location tab for your Lunch n Learns
  • You can track on here:
  • Your locations budget
  • Scheduled Lunch n Learns
  • “Pending” Lunch n Learns ( if you reach out to a pcDVM and they “might” be interested in doing one in a month, 8 weeks, etc. log it on the spreadsheet so you can follow up with them at a later time.
  • # of attendees
  • Ordering food for the Lunch n Learn.
  • Outreach to Marketing to get your Lunch n Learn Kits and more.

Prep Prior to Event

Doctor Responsibility

  •         Laptop        –        Presentations        –       Screens        –        Projector        –         Extension Cords
  •         Mac or PC Compatible Adaptors
Need Equipment?    Contact Shannon

TL or Staff Responsibility

  • Complete the Marketing Targeted Spreadsheet

Food for the Lunch n Learn

Where should I order food from for the Lunch n Learn? 

  • Panera Bread
  • Pot Belly
  • Corner Bakery
  • Pizza
  • Jason’s Deli
  • Local Deli
  • Jimmy John’s or Jersey Mike’s

Is it ok if we get the food delivered to the pcDVM so we don’t have to pick it up?  

  • Yes, that saves you time in getting to the Lunch n Learn

Now What?   The Lunch n Learn is scheduled. 

  • Lunch n Learn Kits
  •                  Email Michael Brasz:
  •      Michael will send out everything you need: 
  •      Sign in Sheet
  •                    1 credit – RACE Sign in Sheet
  •                    3 credits – RACE Sign in Sheet
  •       pcDVM Binders, Brochures or Why CVCA Flyer
  •       Supply Request Form
  •       Lunch n Learn surveys and more.


  • 1 CE Credit – Sign Up Sheet
1 credit – CE Sign-Up-Sheet
  • 3 CE Credits – Sign Up Sheet
3 credits – CE Sign-Up Sheet

Day of Event


  • Grab laptop, projector, screen, adapters, presentation, etc.


  • Grab the Lunch n Learn Kit
  •        Distribute and collect Lunch n Learn Surveys
  •         NOTE:   Top Section of the sign in sheets needs to be completely filled out. 
  • 1 CE Credit – Sign Up Sheet
1 credit – Sign-Up Sheet
  • 3 CE Credits – Sign Up Sheet
3 credits – Sign-Up-Sheet

After Event

  • Send to MichaelCompleted Sign In Sheet (including the Top Portion)
  • Completed surveys
  • Send Lunch n Learn receipts to – Shawn