Residency Program

“From a resident’s standpoint, I like that with all of our doctors involved, I have such a wealth of knowledge and experience available, which creates a diverse learning environment.  Having a mentor is good for consistency, but also experiencing the different styles and opinions of the other doctors really helps with the process as a whole, and has helped me to be incredibly successful.”   CVCA Resident Testimonial

ACVIM Approved Residency Program

At CVCA, we are committed to providing a residency training program that supports our residents academically, personally and professionally.

The mission of CVCA’s residency program – mentor residents to function as highly competent clinical cardiologists who provide the highest level of service and compassionate care to their parents, clients and referring veterinarians.

It is also our goal for cardiologists graduating from our program to become leaders in the veterinary community.  With CVCA’s support, at the completion of the residency, the trainee will have the framework to successfully complete all requirements for board certification by the ACVIM specialty of cardiology.

Established Residency Program

Founded in 1995, our program has an excellent track record of residents passing both exams on the first round and staying with CVCA long-term.

CVCA Offers Residents 

Compensation and Benefits

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