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Your career influences most aspects of your life — including where you live, the free time you have to pursue your passions, your satisfaction at work, and your financial future. What if you could choose all of these things for yourself? That’s living your best life as a veterinary cardiologist — read below to learn how CVCA could help you achieve just that.

Hear directly from some of our cardiologists, residents, and technicians on why THEY love CVCA. Watch our video below!

CVCA Offers Residents:

  • Supportive mentorship
  • Support for research
  • Research/reading days and ample study time
  • Weekly journal club/ECG/case rounds with all doctors
  • Book review, topic and exam prep lectures
  • Pediatric hospital rounds
  • Strength in numbers:  31,000 patients per year, 26 cardiologists, 10 residents and 16 locations
  • CVCA sites are located within a multidisciplinary specialty and emergency practices, board-certified criticalists, oncologists, internists, surgeons, neurologists and ophthalmologists among other specialties, allowing for the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and opportunities for out rotations

All CVCA Doctors receive:

  • Weekends and holidays off
  • Generous compensation and benefits
  • Ample vacation time (and coverage so you can truly be gone and relax!)
  • State-of-the-art equipment, systems, and processes selected by our cardiologists to fit their needs
  • Personal and professional development support and opportunities
  • The option to open your own CVCA location in a new city
  • Much, much more

Are YOU ready to live your best life as a veterinary cardiologist?

Katie Brooks, CVPM, CEO

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Katie Brooks, CVPM, CEO

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