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Rethinking Veterinary Cardiac Diagnostic Services

CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets has created a new service to provide complete cardiology diagnostic services. The new service expands our reach to deliver our high-quality diagnostics to pets in the greater Dallas area.

Diagnostic Cardiac Services for Stable Patients

TeleCardiology by CVCA is a cardiac diagnostics service available for asymptomatic (stable) pets only, We do not have direct onsite veterinary supervision.

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For Pet Owners:

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TeleCardiology may be right for your pet.

Patient appointments to TeleCardiology by CVCA require a primary care veterinarian to refer the patient for diagnostic services. Your primary care doctor will then ensure your pet gets any followup care recommended by TeleCardiology by CVCA.

Check to see if your pet may benefit from TeleCardiology by CVCA.

For Primary Care Veterinarians:

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TeleCardiology by CVCA requires a referral for pets to receive diagnostic services.

The TeleCardiology by CVCA Advantage

A boarded cardiology, dedicated to supporting TeleCardiology by CVCA patients.

CVCA has hired a highly accomplished, boarded cardiologist who is strictly dedicated to TeleCardiology by CVCA patients.

A highly-trained sonographer captures high-quality images.

We hired and trained a sonographer, with years of sonography experience, to capture exceptional images using the latest technology.

Industry-leading cardiology insights.

TeleCardiology by CVCA provides in-depth, comprehensive cardiology consultative reporting, along with recommended care plans, for the primary care veterinarian’s holistic care plans to their patient families.

Outstanding patient care as a partner to primary care veterinarians.

We provide our full cardiology assessment, along with the treatment plan and recommendations for the patient’s cardiac care. We become an important cardiology partner to the pet’s care team, led by the primary care veterinarian.

Direct access to the TeleCardiology by CVCA cardiologist.

The primary care veterinarian has direct access to the cardiologist to answer specific questions or discuss a particular case to ensure optimal patient care.

Timely cardiology reporting with quick turnarounds.

After we see the patient in our imaging center, reports are available quickly. We send full cardiac reporting with diagnostics, treatment plans, and discharge paperwork within 48 business hours of the imaging appointment.


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