Walk-In Your Client’s Shoes

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Take A Walk In Your Client’s Shoes


EARN 1 CE Credit Hour for Attending the Program

CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets invites you to take a walk in your client’s shoes by walking through an appointment at one of our two Austin locations with one of our three board-certified cardiologists.




Did you know at CVCA the owners accompany their pets during their full cardiac workup, including echocardiogram, performed by a board-certified cardiolgoist?   This enables the clients to: 

Here’s how it works:












Testimonial – Walk in Your Client’s Shoes Experience!


Louisville, KY – Mama came into our Louisville office as part of our “Walk In Your Client’s Shoes” program that lets local veterinarians learn more about how CVCA cares for our pets and our clients.  Her mom, Dr. Hercula, brought Mama home from Grenada after finishing Vet School and she has been part of a happy little dog pack ever since.

Mama is a ‘pot hound’ – a stray dog from Grenada – they call them that because they drink water from the pot holes in the road!  She was heartworm positive when she was younger but her mom treated her and during her visit with Dr. Sarah Clay Bell, board certified veterinary cardiologist, we found she was in great shape for her age.

Thank you Dr. Hercula for bringing Mama in to see us!